Welcome to Swallow™ International Pvt. Ltd.

We, Hartley welcome you to the world of agriculture and commodity product. Swallow™ International Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the world’s leading exporter of agriculture product. The company is manufacturer, producer, supplier and exporter of agriculture and processed food products and organic products. Under the leadership of Mr. Navneet Javandhra.

We are also deals in multiple pure organic products such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and some types of pulses, grains, and Indian spices that are frequently used during our standard of living. And also dry-fruits in international market.

So let’s come together, not just as a buyer or seller, but as a business partner, fulfilling the common life necessities of our own country.

Why Swallow International..?

Top Reasons To Chose Us

Quality Product

Swallow Believes In Nothing But, Quality With Commitment.

Timely Shipment

Dedicated Order Fulfillment To Ensure On Time Shipment.

Classic Bland

Swallow Is a Classic Bland Of Ethics And Morals With Spirituality.

Best Pricing

We Give a Best Competitive Price To Our Customer.

Execution Expertise

Unique Expertise In Agriculture Analysis And Quality Control.

Best Packaging

We Embrace The Packaging Standards Of Indian Institute Of Packaging.


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